Welcome to Simply Living

Our goal at Simply Living, is to design a unique and environmentally friendly collection for your home, that gives each of our customers a sense of warmth, coziness and that Scandinavian touch in each and every product we make.

With focus on the simplicity of Scandinavian design, clean and clear colors and excellent product functionality, we want to create that special feeling you get, when you use a product that looks and feels great.

Based in Denmark, our designers work to create a series of superior quality products that stay on top of the market trends but at the same time meet the modern demands of the environmentally conscious consumer.

And so, from these few simple ideas, Simply Living was born.

Our three separate product lines are unique within each of their categories.

Simply ECO, where your everyday products are combined with high end materials, simple Scandinavian colors and strong end-user functionality without hazardous chemical use.

Using standards such as BCI and Oeko-Tex, we put people in focus, from start to finish. Shortly put, Simply Eco is where warmth and coziness meets people and functionality so that you can use our products without worry for you, your family and the environment.

Simply Organic, where trendy products meet the demands of the organic conscious consumer.

Using only GOTS certified standards and materials, we ensure all products are fully organic from start to finish, bringing the best of organic cotton and organic manufacturing processes into our products.

Simply Recycled, where each product we make, uses as many recycled fabrics and yarns as possible.

This is our contribution to protecting our planet from unnecessary waste, chemicals and water usage. Thinking of our children, grandchildren and future generations, we try to help Mother Earth with each and every product in our line.

Simply Living

The Simply Eco line takes inspiration from the best of the Scandinavian seasons and translates this into our products.

The warmth of a beach stroll in Summer, the red cheeks from the windblown West coast dunes in Fall, the crisp air from the snow covered fields in Winter, and the blooming colors from the flowers in Spring.

Using only Oeko-Tex 100 standards and cotton grown with Better Cotton Initiative methods (BCI), we try to do our part in ensuring quality of life from the farmers all the way to our customers.


The Simply Organic line combines our warm Scandinavian design with a global environmental consciousness.

The clean colors and organic cotton combine together to form a sustainable collection of high quality and environmentally friendly products that will give a sense of tranquility, both in home and in mind. To quote a favorite phrase we heard: “Don’t Panic, It´s Organic!” Translated, this means that you can trust the products to bring you the best from the organic world while keeping true to the aesthetics of the design and the high product functionality standards we have.


The Simply Recycled line seeks to reduce the environmental impact on our planet with each product we make.

Combining the best recycled materials with our unique Scandinavian design, we strive to reduce the use of chemicals, water and pesticides and lower Co2 emissions immensely.

Our motto in Simply Recycled is “Taking care of our planet, one product at a time “