Simply Living was started by 2 creative souls with a passion for textiles and is based on the concept, that less is more. We wanted to combine Scandinavian design simplicity, Northern colors and our Scandinavian design heritage together with exclusive fabrics that look and feel great.

Inspired by nature, the wonderful planet we live on and the people we meet through our travels, we wanted to do everything we could to create a unique, environmentally low impact collection of aesthetic products that covets everything we care for.

We all have a responsibility for reducing the negative impact we make from our way of life. Protecting the planet from this human impact is therefore as high a priority for us as creating tasteful designs. Our commitment is to put nature, resources and the people throughout the supply chain in front, so that we can do everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint and protect the welfare of the communities we work in.

If we can continuously do our part, improving our fundamental commitment every day, all whilst we convey our passion for design and tasteful products through our collection, then we feel that we have made a small difference.

Simply ECO, where your everyday products are combined with high end materials, simple Scandinavian colors and strong end-user functionality without hazardous chemical use.

Using standards such as BCI and Oeko-Tex, we put people in focus, from start to finish. Shortly put, Simply Eco is where warmth and coziness meets people and functionality so that you can use our products without worry for you, your family and the environment.

Simply Organic, where trendy products meet the demands of the organic conscious consumer.

Using only GOTS certified standards and materials, we ensure all products are fully organic from start to finish, bringing the best of organic cotton and organic manufacturing processes into our products.

Simply Recycled, where each product we make, uses as many recycled fabrics and yarns as possible.

This is our contribution to protecting our planet from unnecessary waste, chemicals and water usage. Thinking of our children, grandchildren and future generations, we try to help Mother Earth with each and every product in our line.